Water Quality

Watershed Protection

Located at the headwaters of the San Juan Basin and Stollsteimer Creek watersheds, the PAWSD service area enjoys some of the cleanest naturally-occuring water in the state, uncontaminated by upstream wastewater discharge, industrial pollution, energy and mineral extraction activities or mine tailings. 

It’s your watershed, please help us protect it.

You may be asking, what is a watershed? Well, it is exactly what the name implies. A watershed is defined as an area of land where the majority of the water drains into the nearby streams, rivers or creeks. It is similar to a large catch basin. As development and growth continue to affect our area, protection will be paramount in the preservation of this natural resource.

PAWSD has completed a Source Water Protection Plan and an Emergency Response Plan that will address protection needs and mechanisms to continue to insure safe, secure, clean sources of water.

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